FINISH smart with SHARK

Air Bed

​​Safety Beams

Electronic soft clamp foot pedal

Blade depth adjustment

Power: 220 volts, Single phase

Size 31.5"

Hydraulic Clamping & Cutting

Fully Programmable

Side Tables

LED Cut Line Light

Shark Finishing Machinery was founded from the realization that the printing industry was lacking the need for a company that would set high standards within today’s hottest market; DIGITAL PRINT FINISHING! 

Our research found that a company had to be dedicated to offering a complete line of digital print finishing machinery and it had to be backed up by high quality and extremely competitive prices.  We also found that most shops today will print and not finish, therefore sending work out. Other companies offer finishing equipment but finding out what worked from the competition’s equipment line and what didn’t was essential. Once our research was over, we then picked and chose the best and most important pieces and worked with engineers to correct what we heard were our competition’s weaknesses. 

Through much hard work, our line of digital print finishing equipment was launched. Introducing digital Creasers, Perforators, Paper Cutter, Business Card Cutters, Corner Rounders, Stitchers, UV Coaters, Glass Coaters, Laminators, Perfect Binders, Joggers, and much more. Shark Finishing Machinery, invites you to experience these easy-to-operate, innovative, and reliable digital print finishing machines that are rapidly becoming the most trusted name in the digital print finishing industry.