Perfect Binders
Does the vacuum system come standard with the SB-420 perfect binder?
-Yes, all our perfect binders now include the vacuum system

What is the purpose of the vacuum system?
-The vacuum system helps keep your machine clean and your glue from getting contaminated

What is the longest book I can perfect bind the SB-460?
-The SB-460 will bind a book up to 18.5” long

How thick of a book can I bind with the SB-420?
-The SB-420 can bind up to 2.36” thick

What is the thickest book I can bind on the SB-460 model?

-The capacity of the SB-460 is 2.65" thick.

What is the thinnest book I can bind on the SB-420?
-The SB-420 can bind a single sheet with the cover

How long of a book can I bind on the SB-420?

-The maximum length of the SB-420 is 17.25"

What is the purpose of the side glue?
-Side glue is necessary for best cover adhesion.

What is the minimum book thickness I can bind with the SB-460?

-Minimum is 2 sheets plus the cover.

Do your perfect binders have milling or notching blades?
-Yes, our machines are equipped with both milling & notching blades to assist with better cover adhesion

What is the smallest size book I can bind on the SB-420?
-The smallest book you can bind is 2” x 4”

Do your perfect binding machines offer side glue?
-Side glue is standard with our perfect binders

Corner Rounders
What happens to the waste when you corner round?
-Our corner rounders all have a waste bin at the bottom that collects your garbage

Is it easy to change the blades on the SCR-7 when I need a different size?
-This machine has a carousel that has 7 built-in blades so changing cutting size takes only seconds

Can the blades on the SCR-7 be sharpened?
-Yes, any company that sharpens paper cutter blades should be able to sharpen these blades as well

How much can I corner round at once on the SCR-7?
-The SCR-7 has a capacity of 3” thick

How is the operation of the SCR-7?
-The machine is operated via a foot pedal

What size blade comes with the SCR-6?

-The machine is sold with the 1/4" blade, other sizes can also be purchased.

Are the guides on the SCR-6 adjustable?

-Yes, an allen wrench and adjustment plate is included to assist you.

Do you have a 3/8" knife available for the SCR-7?

-Yes, an R9 & R10 are optional

Paper Cutters
What is the size of the SC-18 paper cutter?
-Maximum cut size is 18.9”

What is the size of the SC-26TS paper cutter?
-Maximum cut size is 26.4”

Is the SC-18 machine electric or hydraulic?
-The SC-18 is electric. If you are looking for a hydraulic cutter, see our SC-22TS or SC-26TS.

Are your paper cutters programmable?
-Yes, all of your paper cutters are completely programmable.

What safety features are included?
-All of our paper cutters come standard with light safety beams to ensure the safety of the

descent in case of an emergency.

Do your paper cutters have a blade depth adjustment?
-Yes, it does and unlike other paper cutters, this adjustment is accessible from the outside of the

machine. No need to remove any covers to make the adjustment.

What is the minimum cutting size?
-Minimum cutting size of all our cutters is 1.18 inches.

Are side tables available for the SC-18 model?
-Unfortunately, side tables are not available on out SC-18 but they are standard on both the SC-20 & SC-26 models.

Is a line light offered with your paper cutter?
-Yes, all our paper cutters come standard with a red LED cut line light for precise cutting.

What kind of job memory do the cutters have?
-The SC-18 & SC-22TS have a memory of 80 programs. The SC-26TS has a memory of 88 programs.

Do these paper cutters require 3 phase power?
-No, all of our cutters are single phase. The SC-18 is 110V and the other models are all 220V.

SJ-100 Jogger
Is a stand available for this jogger?
-No, this is a tabletop machine

Does this jogger have air?
-Yes, the SJ-100 comes standard with vibration & air

Can the bed be adjusted of the SJ-100?
-Yes, with the simple turn of a knob you can adjust the degree of the bed

What is the maximum size paper I can use?
-Maximum sheet size is 12.5 x 17.5 inches

How much paper can I load at once?
-Maximum capacity is about 4 inches

SL-26 Laminator
What is the size of the laminator?
-Maximum width is 26.12 inches

Is this laminator tabletop or does it come with a stand?
-The laminator comes standard with a stand

What is the speed of your laminator?
-The speed of the SL-26 laminator is about 118 inches per minute

Does the machine have temperature adjustment?
-Yes it does

Can this laminator do cold lamination?
-Yes, the SL-26 is capable of doing hot and cold lamination

What is the heating time?
-The machine requires about 10 minutes to heat up.

Can I do single side lamination?
-Yes, the machine is capable of single and double side lamination

What is the core diameter?
-The core diameter is 1”, 1.5” and 3”

What is the difference between the SS-100 & SS-200?
-The SS-100 is a single head stticher, the SS-200 is a double head stitcher

Is there a stand available for these machines?
-No, these machines are table top

What is the speed of your stitchers?
-Speed is from 6,000 – 9,000, depending on the operator

Can I stitch folded books?
-Yes, these stitchers can stitch flat and saddle

What is the biggest book I can stitch?
-The capacity of these stitchers is up to 1/4”

Will these stitchers staples my 2 pages books?
-Yes, 2 pages is the minimum

Is the table adjustable?
-Yes, it is. There is a knob under the table for easy adjustment

What size wire does it use?
-Round 25 gauge wire

SF-25 Feeder

Is the delivery table adjustable on this feeder?


What is the maximum size of this weeder?

-Maximum size is 25.5" wide x 31.5" long

What is the minimum size I can feed with this feeder?

-Minimum size is 8.25 wide x 6" long

Is this an air feeder?


What stock paper can I use?

-150 - 400 GSM

Can I use this feeder with my current creaser or UV Coater?

-Absolutely, with the heavy-duty casters, this feeder can easily roll up to your current machines and with its adjustable table, it can be quickly adjusted to fit any height.

Business Card Cutter

Do I have to pass my cards twice to get a complete business card?

-No, these automatic machines will do your gutter cuts and in one pass you will have your completed business card.

Can I cut other type cards like postcards?

-Absolutely, Custom size cartridges can be made.

If I purchase an additional cartridge for my SBCC-24T and decide to upgrade to the SBCC-24A

later on, can I use that cartridge on my new machine?

-For sure, the cartridges are the same for both machines.

How do I sharpen the blades?

-Both machines have a self-sharpening mode that you should set it at. We recommend

at least doing it once a week. The cycle takes about 5 minutes on either machine.

What is the max paper size?

-Maximum sheet size is 12" x 18" 

How many cards are produced per sheet?

-A sheet of 12 x 18 will produce 24 business cards.

What kind of material can I cut?

-You can cut laminated paper, coated stock, card stock, photo paper and more.

What is the thickest stock I can run on this machine?

-Paper thicknesses vary a bit but the machines have been tested up to 16 pt.

How fast are these business card cutters?

-These machines will cut about +200 per minute.

Will this machine work for cards printed on a digital machine?

-Absolutely! Our business card cutters are equipped with a register mark reader. When you print your sheet you will include a small barcode on top. When you feed the sheet through the machine, it will read the bar code and adjust to compensate if your image has slightly moved which is usually the case with digital printing.



I have a small shop, do you have a small easy to use creaser that will also perforate?

-Yes, our SMC-12 "mini" creaser is a tabletop model. An optional perforating die is available.

What is the largest creaser you have?

-Our largest creaser is the SCP-14 with a maximum of 14.5" wide

When creasing with your machines will my digital stock crack?

-NO, these are true creasers, not scoring machines. Your digital stock will not crack.

What is the capacity of the feed tray on your SCP-14?

-Capacity is about 1.6"

Does the SCP-14 offer a perforating die?

-Yes, actually the machine is sold with both the creasing & perforating die.

Can I also do scoring with the SCP-14?

-Yes, A rotary score, perf and slit is also available.

Is the stand on the SCP-14 offered at an additional cost?

-No, the stand is standard

Do any of your machines do a micro perforation?
-Yes, the SMC-12 does have an optional micro-perf die available

How many creaser can I put per sheet on the SCP-14?

-32 creases or perforations per sheet

Do any of your creasers do up & down creasing?

-Yes, our SCP-14 can

What is the job memory on the SCP-14?

-You can store up to 99 jobs

Which is your fastest creaser?

-We currently have 2 creasers available. The SMC-12 has a speed of up to 5,400 sheets per hour. Our SCP-14 has a speed of 4,500 sheets per hour. Keep in mind that speed will vary depending on sheet length as well as the number of creases per sheet.


Is there a stand available for the SMC-12

-No, the SMC-12 is a tabletop machine. However, our other creasers do come standard with a stand.

Can the speed on your cresers be adjusted?

-Yes, all of our creasers have adjustable speed

Which one of your creasers will accommodate the longest paper?

-The SMC-12, this machine can handle paper up to 28" long

Are any of your creasers air feed?

-Our SCP-14 is an air fed

Can any of your creasers do 2 direction creasing?

-Yes, Our SCP-14 will do both up and down crease

UV Coaters

What size UV Coaters do you have available?

-We currently have the SUV-18, 19 " and the SUV-24, 25"

What is the longest size paper I can use?

-Unless you are using a feeder, there is no limit to size with any of our UV Coaters

Do you have a feeder available for your UV Coaters?

-Yes, see our SF-25

How thick of material can I feed through your SUV-24?

-Maximum thickness for any of our UV Coaters is 2mm/0.078 inches.

How long do I need to warm up the machine before I can start coating?

-Warm up time is about 5-10 minutes.

Do your UV Coaters have variable speed?

-Yes all of our models do

Can I use gluable UV with your Coaters?

-Yes you can

What kind of power do I need for the SUV-18?

-All of our UV Coaters run on single phase 220volts.

Can I run digital stock through your UV Coater?

-Yes, All of our UV Coaters work for both offset and digital

Can I do Matte coating with the SUV-24?

-Both the SUV-18 & SUV-24 can run your regular gloss and matte coating


What amount of waste will I have with these coaters?

-With either the SUV-18 & SUV-24 you will have NO waste since they both have a pump recirculation system.

How long does clean-up take?

-Clean-up on either machine is fast and simple. You simply need some alcohol and a couple of rags. Average clean-up time is 5-10 minutes

What is the speed of the SUV-24?

-You must realize that the answer to this questions depends on many factors. However, on average, its speed is 2,500 per hour.

Can either the SUV-18 or SUV-24 do soft touch coating?

-No! Soft touch is very popular today, for that reason we have introduced the SUV-24 PLUS. This new machine offers a super high gloss finish which resembles glass and also gives you the soft touch finish.

What is the sheet format on the SUV-24 PLUS?

-Maximum sheet size is 25.25" wide with no length limit.

GLASS Coaters

How fast is the SUV-24 PLUS?

-This machine will coat at a speed of 18 feet per minute

Does the SUV-24 PLUS require alcohol in the pan in order to run?

-No, alcohol is only used for clean up.

What is the thickest stock I can run on the SUV-24 PLUS?

-Maximum thickness is 2.286mm / 0.09 inches thick

Is it true that I can eliminate my lamination with the SUV-24PLUS?

-Yes, the machine offers super glossy and soft touch finishes.

I read on a previous page that the SUV-24 PLUS can coat soft touch. Is the finish tacky or grainy?

-No! The soft touch finish offered with this machine is a TRUE soft touch finish 

What is the secret to the super shiny and soft touch finish?

-Its all in the heating. The SUV-24 PLUS is equipped with 5 IR lamp which helps attribute to these fantastic finishes. 

What sizes are available with the GLASS coaters?

-The glass coaters are available in 19" wide or 25" wide.

What is the difference between the SUV-24 and the GLASS-25?

-Both machines offer the glass finish. However, the SUV-24 PLUS also offers the soft-touch finish.

What finishes can the GLASS-19 do?

-The GLASS-19 & GLASS-25 only produce the super glossy "glass-like" finish.

Do the GLASS coaters require an alcohol pan to run to get the glass finish?

-Absolutely NOT, this would be a fire hazard. Alcohol is only used for clean up.

What is the maximum length of the GLASS-19?

-All of our standard coaters and glass coaters have no length limit.  

SBCC-24T Card Cutter

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SF-25 Feeder
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SS-100 & SS-200 Stitchers

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SUV-18 & SUV-24 UV Coaters

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