FINISH smart with SHARK

​​Shark Finishing Machinery is pleased to introduce its line of digital print finishing equipment. With a changing industry, SHARK is setting new standards with some of the most innovative and reliable digital print finishing equipment.

What started one day as a simple drawing on a napkin, has today become a reality. Through much research and exploration, we have tackled the biggest issues among printers today. The manufacturing of this line of digital print finishing equipment has been hard work and much sacrifice but has brought great reward to our customers. This line of digital print finishing equipment will eliminate the pressures faced today with digital finishing solutions by offering a quality product at an affordable cost. 

SHARKS mission is to distribute equipment that is that will work best with the changing printing industry. Equipment that is productive, high quality, and cost-efficient. Here at SHARK, we aim to become the most trusted name in the digital 
print finishing industry.

​Having the right equipment is key… but partnering with a company that offers you a reliable service network to back up its product is just as important. SHARK offers high-quality service and customer care. Our technical support team is known as being the best in the business with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. SHARK is happy to provide 24-hour customer support by highly-experienced and fully trained personnel to help you through any problem at any day or time.

Our consistent attention and awareness of our customers’ needs and demands has made SHARK a superior leader in the digital print finishing world. We pride ourselves in providing a product that is designed for today’s market. All SHARK equipment is designed to ensure the highest possible level of operator safety as well as years of reliable operation. Every unit is built and fully tested at our facility prior to shipment.

At SHARK it is our priority to provide you with supreme quality, state-of-the-art products and services through unmatched quality control and customer service. We strive to bring you the very best the industry has to offer.