Minuteman Press

I nicknamed my Mini creaser "the tank", it is small but works like a tank. After purchasing my mini creaser 2 years ago, I just bought 4 other Shark machines; SB-420 perfect binder, SCR-7 Corner Rounder, SBCC-24T Card Cutter and Glass-19 Coater. The glass coater has opened new doors for my business. Shark has great quality products and amazing customer support.

Advanced Printing

A recent hurricane damaged our shop, it was devastating. We met the people at Shark at a previous show and so we called them. Gene was very helpful in recommending the best machines to start with and was able to get us a great package deal. We are extremely happy with our purchases and look forward to adding additional Shark machines to our shop in the near future.


​​​​A-PLUS Laminators

Our company specializes in lamination. We were very impressed with the results of the Shark Glass Coaters after seeing it at a trade show so we bought a Glass-25. We use the Glass Coaters for many of our customer's work, especially on menus and placemats. The glass coater saves us time and money with amazing results. 

Classic Printing

We purchased the SBCC-24T business card cutter. Let me say that I have been cutting business cards on my paper cutter forever but no more. This machine has saved me a lot of time and money. It is fast, precise and efficient. My waste is zero and my cards come out perfect every time. We are very happy we purchased this machine and highly recommend it. 


Walt International

Our print shop is located in South America. We bought an SUV-24 PLUS. We are dominating the market here with the amazing glass finish and soft-touch finish that this machine offers. Great machine and very easy to use. Money well spent, Muchas Gracias Shark.

Executive Printing

We purchased a Glass-19 coater to eliminate our lamination work and also purchased and SUV-25 to do our Matte coating. Both machines work great. The level of shine that we get with the glass coater is spectacular and my customers are extremely happy. Without a doubt I will purchase from Shark again.


Minute Man Press
The SMC-12 Creaser / Perforator is a very good piece of machine to have in any shop, big or small. My creases are always precise and my paper doesn't crack. I fell in love with the machine the minute I saw it working. I didn't expect such a great results from such a small machine. Very impressed!

Alta Graphics

​I traded my Graphic Whizard UV Coater for the Shark SUV-24+, the finish I'm getting with this new machine is like no other. Wish I would have made this investment sooner. Goes without saying we love our new Shark!

Sir Speedy Printing
The SMC-12 is an awesome little machine. I can do so much with it and its very easy to operate and program. The SCR-7 is great too. The carousel with all the blades built-in saves me a lot of time when I have to change the radius size. These guys have thought their products through. 

Nation Graphics
The SBCC-24T is a great business card cutter. I no longer have to worry if my image shifts on my Konica Minolta, the register mark reader will pick it up and adjust so that all my cards are straight and square every time!

PIP Printing
With the printing market changing, finding equipment geared towards the digital market is essential for today's shop.At the beginning of the year we purchased the SMC-12 creaser which has generated more word since my digital printing no longer cracks. We the upgraded our paper cutter to the SC-26 and also purchased the SB-420 perfect binder. All of our Shark machines are running great. They are great quality and very user friendly.  We hope to add a corner rounder and UV Coater very soon.  

RJ's Printing
We recently bought the Shark 26 inch paper cutter. The programming is really easy and we have had no problems with the machine. The safety beams were important to me since my old Challenge cutter had faulty valves and they malfunctioned on me once. We highly recommend the Shark paper cutter.

Executive Graphics

Working with the folks at Shark was a pleasure. They were very helpful and attentive. I purchased an SUV-24 Plus Coater to apply the glass finish and the soft touch finish to the posters we print. My customers are raving over the quality they are getting. Wish I would have bought this machine sooner. 

Digi Printing

I have a digital shop and I couldn't be more grateful than the day I met Shark Machinery. They have so many great products that my digital shop needs. A couple of years ago I bought a 20" Paper Cutter and quickly after I bought the SB-420 Perfect Binder. I've been so happy with the quality of the equipment that I recently also bought as SBCC-24T business card cutter and the jogger. On my wish list is a Glass Coater. I saw it working at Graphics of the Americas and fell in love with the glass finish it gives. 

Teddy Print

We purchased the new SUV-24 PLUS Glass Coater at Graph Expo and we are extremely happy with it. In the past we spent endless amount of time laminating and this machine has eliminated 90% of our lamination work. The Glass Coater handles our glossy and our soft touch work a lot faster than the laminator and its cheaper too. What a great investment for my shop.

Design to Print

We purchased an SC-20, 20" paper cutter and an SMC-12 mini creaser. Great purchase, we couldn't be happier with the equipment.

Express Printing

We first saw the SUV-24 running at a show. We were impressed by the fact that not only did it do the regular Matte and Glossy finish but a soft texture finish too. It feels similar to the soft touch lamination that we use. Purchasing this machine with the feeder has been great for our shop. Very happy and impressed with Shark.

Alpha Graphics

Our SC-26 paper cutter cuts like a champ. The programming couldn't be easier. We've got her running all day with no issues or concerns. Very happy with our purchase.

City of Miami Beach
Cutting our business cards on the paper cutter was always time consuming. Now that we have the SBCC-24T card cutter, it's a breeze. We also purchased the post card cartridge. This machine has made our work day easier.Outstanding product.

​Big House Media
We have the SB-420 perfect binder. The results we are getting with our books is awesome. The side glue really helps in keeping the books together and the side creaser adds an amazing finish to the spine. What impressed me the most is that being an EVA machine, my books don't fall apart in the cold weather. We are looking forward to replacing some of our other existing equipment with other Shark products.

Quality Business Cards
As a shop that specializes in printing business cards, a business card cutter is an essential piece of machinery. My current business card cutters were ancient and finding parts was impossible. We then made the decision to upgrade. We first purchased the SBCC-24A air feed card cutter. This machine has taken the place of the 2 dinosaurs that we had. I was so happy with my machine that I also purchased the SBCC-24T table top model. This machine is great for my walk in customers and as a back up when the other machine is too busy. Their compact size is great because it has allowed me to purchase other equipment that I didn't have space for before. Oh, and the register mark reader that these machines have is a feature I love, especially when printing digitally.

MIA Creative Group
We are very happy with our SBCC-24T business card cutter and SCR-7 corner rounder. Both machines are built well and are easy to use. Glad we went with the Shark when it came to making the decision on our finishing equipment. 

Express Printing
We have an SB-420 perfect binder and an SC-26 paper cutter. We got a great deal on them. Both machines work very well. We love the finish that we get with our perfect bound books and how easy these machines are to operate. Next on our wish list is a business card cutter and UV Coater.

Sunset Media
We started our business recently and worked out a great package deal which included a 20" paper cutter, the mini digital creaser, a dual head stitcher, a corner rounder and a perfect binder. Great to have found all my finishing equipment in one place. All my machines run great, the sales staff was a delight to work with and the customer service was outstanding. Pleasure doing business with Shark Machinery.

Nation Wide Printing
The SBCC-24T is a great business card cutter. With digital printing today, the addition of the register mark reader was a great idea. When my image moves slightly, the machine knows it and adjusts accordingly. My cuts are always straight and on point. This machine has saved me money since I have no waste.

Fusion Digital
I've had my SB-420 perfect binder for about six months now and I can say that it has already paid for itself. The finish that the side creaser gives to the books is unparallel. We couldn't be happier with our perfect binder. What a great addition to our shop.

​House of Prints
There is only one word needed to describe my SMC-12 mini creaser..... "IMPRESSIVE". What a little work horse. Great machine.

​Alpha Graphics & Printing
Our shop was struck by lightning recently and we had to replace most of our equipment. Someone recommended Shark Machinery. I found replacements for most of my finishing equipment with them. I purchased the SC-20 programmable paper cutter, SBM-2500 booklet maker, SJ-100 air jogger, SMC-12 creaser with a perforating attachment and the SUV-24 UV Coater with the SF-25 feeder. I am very pleased with all my Shark equipment and I would recommend them to anyone.​

Here is what some customer have to say about our line of Digital Print Finishing Machinery. For more references please contact us.

We are very excited to be adding several Shark products to our family



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